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Australian-owned and operated since 1888, Peacock Bros. has grown into one of the ANZ region’s largest providers of identification, tracking and mobility solutions. Specialists in digital healthcare technology, as well as aged care technology, we have provided solutions to many high profile medical facilities. We can advise you on the right products and solutions to meet current healthcare challenges.

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Medical carts Mobility
Imprest Ward Stock Management
Infection prevention and control automated disinfection
Wireless digital healthcare technology aged care technology
RTLS Asset tracking patient tracking staff tracking

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UV-C Light Disinfection Misconceptions Versus Facts

While ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light possesses germicidal effects that helps combat the spread of deadly pathogens, some common misconceptions hinder universal access to UV-C disinfection devices. Instead of passing on UV-C disinfection, inform yourself on the [...]

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