Elopement or Wander Management

Wandering is a complex behaviour which effects between 11% of residents in general residential aged care and up to 60% of residents in specialist dementia units with cognitive impairment being identified as a major risk factor.

While wandering itself is a normal human activity that has many positive health benefits for older people, undesirable wandering such as exit-seeking behaviour can be problematic in the residential aged care setting.

Our advanced RTLS solutions protect your residents no matter where they are.

Wander Management

In residential aged care facilities there are many factors that may influence residents to wander. These include:

  • Inactivity/boredom – lack of activity may lead the person to wander around looking for something to do.
  • Loneliness – wandering may be a substitute for social interaction.
  • Staff giving extra attention to ‘disruptive’ behaviour.
  • Loss of personal possessions and mementos.
  • Unhelpful surroundings and inadequate building design (no area for residents to safely wander).
  • Care regimes and routines (inconsistency in routine and staff).
  • Special problems at night (e.g.: routinely putting everyone to bed after tea).

Our Wander Management and Elopement system
uniquely combines the industry’s most accurate RTLS (Real-Time Location System) with a proven resident and patient safety and security system:

Long-term Care Resident Security – Empower residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security. Residents can pass through designated access points (e.g. to reach a common area), while others remain secured and protected within different areas.

Acute Care Wander Management – Protect patients from accessing restricted areas while allowing access to common areas. Patients can reach communal space, while remaining secured and protected from wandering to restricted areas.

Resident benefits:

  • Freedom to interact with others
  • Ability to use facility’s resources without sense of “lock-down
  • Safety from wandering into dangerous areas
  • Flexibility to adjust rules and access at the individual level
  • Customizable by severity (high-risk vs. low-risk patients)

Facility benefits:

  • Becomes the first line of defense
  • Enables quick response to wandering
  • Increase resident security
  • Reduce wandering and flight risk
  • Provide peace of mind to residents and families
  • Increase resident satisfaction
wander management

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