Increase Compliance Rates to Reduce Risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections and Enhance Patient Safety

Automatically detect when staff members wash their hands as they enter and exit patient rooms. Automating hand hygiene monitoring delivers reliable, objective data—providing the best input for analysis and reporting.

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• Enhances patient experience and staff productivity by automating monitoring and eliminating manual observation

• Delivers comprehensive and reliable data—driving hand
hygiene accountability to the unit and caregiver level

• Provides visual analytics that enable a better understanding
of compliance and help identify educational opportunities

• Ultimately reduces likelihood of healthcare-associated infections


Improved outcomes

Reduce the likelihood of HAIs, enhancing staff morale as well as patient experience.

Easy-to-use Solution

No extra steps for staff that could interfere with patient care workflows.

Caregiver accountability and education

Drive hand hygiene accountability to the caregiver level, and gain a better understanding not only of compliance but also opportunities for further education.

Improved patient safety

Position infection control as a solid and essential element of patient safety—embedding it in the organization’s culture and operations.

Visual analytics

Allows healthcare facilities to see hand hygiene compliance rates and events—system-wide, unit or staff level—to understand gaps in compliance, identify staff members or units requiring further education and drive hand hygiene accountability at the individual level.



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