Imprest / Ward Stock Management

Our solutions enable you to achieve integrated supply chain solutions, all the way from the warehouse to the receiving department, to the par-level locations, and at the patient bedside.

Staff can rapidly and accurately take inventory on a daily basis, ensuring they have the right supplies on hand.

Peacock Bros. Imprest

Reduce waste and free your staff with Peacock Bros Imprest Stock Management Solution for Healthcare.

Easily enter and record all items that need to be replenished with Peacock Bros Imprest Stock Management Solution. Imprest allows you to enter the quantities to reorder, or can calculate the replenishment quantity based on the reorder levels held against each item. A handheld device can be used to capture the items, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Manages and saves storage space in your stock rooms, ward store rooms and warehouses
  • Reduces waste by carefully managing min/max stock levels, product expiries and the duplication of orders
  • Eliminates the need to carry large amounts of expensive items in critical areas such as ICU, CCU and Emergency
  • Easy to perform stocktakes and alerts for minimum stock levels
  • Integrates into your existing ERP
  • Communicates in batch, ethernet, wireless or 4G connectivity modes for accurate and live reports on stock usage
Imprest ward stock management
Imprest ward stock management

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