Think of how dependent we are on GPS infrastructure in our cars and phones to find where we are going, what and who is in our immediate vicinity and how this has changed our own workflow every day of our lives. Indoor location services/RTLS infrastructure is delivering on the same promise for healthcare.

Choosing an RTLS is complex, but an RTLS enables real-time hospital decision-making and operational business intelligence that will lead to cost savings as well as an increase in operational efficiencies and improved patient care.

Asset Tracking

Today’s healthcare facilities are facing increased patient volume as well as higher expectations for patient experience and satisfaction. To meet these increasing demands, they need to eliminate wasted steps and create a more streamlined workflow.

One of the key components to an effective workflow is asset tracking and management. When staff members are under pressure, they don’t have time to spare searching for medical equipment such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices. That’s where our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology solutions come in:

  • Improve clinical workflow
  • Gain enterprise visibility to asset status
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent theft

Staff know the exact location and condition of critical resources they need. Our solutions deliver rapid location and condition updates capable of capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds.

Asset tracking
wander management

Wander Management

Ensure facility safety with the ultimate security and location platform.

Pediatric Security – Ensure the safety of younger patients while giving them the freedom to interact with their peers on the floor.

Long-term Care Resident Security – Empower residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security. Residents can pass through designated access points (e.g. to reach a common area), while others remain secured and protected within different areas.

Acute Care Wander Management – Protect patients from accessing restricted areas while allowing access to common areas. Patients can reach communal space, while remaining secured and protected from wandering to restricted areas.

Infant Security

Peace of mind.

Our RTLS solutions enable facilities to ensure mothers and families peace of mind that their baby is protected and always properly matched with mom.

We utilize easy-to-use software applications that enable clinical staff to spend less time managing a security system and more time focusing on what matters most — caring for their most vulnerable patients. Each infant is protected by wearing a small, comfortable and unobtrusive tag which actively communicates with the system and allows your staff bed- and bassinet-level location visibility. Workstations display floor plans of the facility, showing monitored areas and protected exits. Should an unauthorized attempt to leave the monitored area with a protected infant occur, the system will immediately set off an alarm, capture video image, activate door locks and even hold selected elevators.

Infant security
Hand hygiene compliance

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Protect your entire facility with the best-in-class infection control tracking technology.

The same clinical-grade infrastructure may be leveraged for advanced applications – both hand hygiene compliance monitoring and automated contact tracing. Support recommended CDC infection control recommendations and World Health Organization’s guidelines for hand hygiene compliance to protect patients, staff and visitors.

Wireless Infrastructure

The advantages offered from wireless technology include operational efficiency and customer interaction.

Enhance efficiency by supporting your mobile workforce, and potentially offering new channels on which to interact with external stakeholders such as GPs, pharmacies, patients themselves and their families and carers.

Wireless LAN devices include wireless access points, client mobile devices and wireless controllers. Peacock Bros has many years experience per forming site surveys and installing wireless infrastructure for high-speed connectivity.

Wireless infrastructure

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