Are your patient ID processes up to industry standard? Upgrade today with Image Technology’s patient ID wristband solution

Outperforming its competition in both speed and value for money,  the Image Technology patient ID wristband solution is easy to use, and with it’s Cerner Certification you can be sure it [...]

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Image Technology – The Future

At Image Technology we are at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions. Our products aim to help you deliver better patient care through the latest technology, and include our award-winning [...]

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Image Technology – Healthcare Video

Image Technology’s healthcare solutions are driving efficiency, safety and better care across the healthcare industry. To learn more about how Image Technology is transforming the patient experience with [...]

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Image Technology – The Products

Image Technology’s digital healthcare solutions have been developed using the latest technology from world-class suppliers. We aim to deliver gains in efficiency, safety and better care across the healthcare industry. [...]

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The History of Image Technology

Image Technology’s first-class digital healthcare solutions have been specifically developed and designed using the latest technology to help you drive efficiency, safety and better care in your facilities. Our specialised [...]

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It’s time to make your move… with Peacock Bros. Imprest stock management solution for Android.

With Microsoft no longer supporting legacy Windows operating systems and devices (Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile/Windows Embedded Handhelds) the time to move to an Android based software solution is NOW. [...]

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Image Technology’s sit/stand solutions

Revolutionising your health wherever you’re working from. Health experts have long espoused the detriments that our sedentary lifestyle has on our health, with long periods of sitting a risk factor for [...]

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Important update from our Managing Director

Dear Customers, As we all deal with the ongoing challenges associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you and your families. At [...]

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Infection Control at the Forefront of Care

What is UV-CLEAN? The science behind Ultra Violet cleaning (UV-C), derives from the same science that lies behind the UV rays emitted by the sun. UV cleaning is a proven and [...]

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