CipherLab 8000H Series Pocket-size Mobile Computer

The CipherLab 8000H pocket-size mobile computer is productive and put fast, accurate barcode scanning and wireless communications options in your hands to accelerate product ordering, item picking, route accounting, and other AICD activities. Durable design and low cost make work easy and efficient.


The CipherLab 8000H series pocket-size mobile computer with antimicrobial protection and disinfectant-friendly housing. It offers enhanced sanitary protection without sacrificing efficiency. The CipherLab 8000H series pocket-size mobile computer on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery can operate for 100 continuous hours in batch mode, which gives a continual productivity for healthcare industry.

The easy-to-learn interface of this handheld terminal means that new or temporary staff is quickly up and running, ensuring intimidate increase in efficiency. The CipherLab 8000H series pocket-size mobile computer allows easy customisation to suit unique work routines and use. This device is perfect for these healthcare applications, including inventory stock contro;l, order management, access to patient records during diagnosis, point-of-care, record management, lab test and specimen tracking.

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