As the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak dominates headlines across the world, illness prevention is of key concern not only for healthcare workers, but across all workplaces and industries.

High touch areas in office environments are prone to harbouring harmful bacteria which are then shared by users, spreading these pathogens amongst co-workers.

Image Technology antimicrobial washable keyboards and mice are a cost-effective, medical-grade solution to combat the spread of such pathogens in a workplace or educational setting, particularly where workstations are shared amongst numerous staff or students.

Available for immediate delivery, our range of Image Technology keyboards and mice can include the following features:
100% waterproof
Full anti-microbial surfaces
Dishwasher safe
Ergonomic, low profile design
Bundled pricing for an affordable upgrade

Protect your number one asset, your staff, by upgrading your workstations with our affordable anti-microbial keyboard and mice solutions.

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